Glass Partitions


Glass partitions have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years. They provide offices with a modern yet professional look, making use of natural sunlight to enhance the overall working environment of the office itself. They can be used on offices of all shapes and sizes, from smaller offices consisting of only a few rooms, to larger scale offices that make use of multiple floors.

At Brightonglassco, we offer a wide range of high-quality office partitions within Brighton, specially designed for use in all office types. We provide only the highest quality office partitions, designed for ease of use, as well as aesthetic appeal. They help to make your offices look professional, as well as improve the working environment of the office itself.

Our Partition Systems


Floor-to-ceiling partitions:

Our floor-to-ceiling partitions make use of high-quality glass spanning from your floor to your ceiling to completely cover an area. They use steel frames to provide stability, as well as look aesthetically appealing in an office environment. These partitions are commonly found in many offices around Brighton due to the enhancements they bring to the work environment.

Glass Partitions:

Glass partitions are great for enhancing the size of your office. They don’t use any framing, allowing them to enhance the overall look of your office, making it appear larger in size, while also portraying a professional look to your office.

Glass Cubicles:

Our glass cubicles make use of 4 walls to create smaller rooms within an office environment. They are fantastic for breaking down large rooms into smaller segments for meeting rooms or offices for your managers and employees.

Accordion Walls:

Accordion walls are excellent at breaking up rooms into smaller sections. They can be easily moved around the office to break off areas for particular events or usages throughout the working day, helping to maintain productivity within the work environment.


Benefits of Our Glass Partitions


Our glass partitions, created within Brighton, can make a fantastic addition to your office environment. Not only do they look professional and improve the workplace environment, but they also have a number of benefits that traditional walls don’t bring to an office. Here are some of the benefits our partitions can bring to your office.

They Make Use of Natural Light

Scientific studies have proven that natural sunlight can have a significant impact on office environments. Offices that make use of sunlight have shown to have major increases in productivity compared to those that don’t, as well as decreased levels of stress within the workplace. The use of our glass partitions can consequently have a significant increase in the overall productivity of your workforce, which in the long term can result in higher overall profitability.

Soundproof Rooms, Without A Wall

Our office partitions are also completely soundproof. This means that meetings can be conducted within rooms without the disturbance of outside noise. Additionally, people within the meeting room do not feel confined to that room, a feeling that is often commonly found within a room surrounded by walls. This allows for meetings to be conducted in a friendlier environment, which will have a beneficial impact on both your employees conducting the meeting, as well as the clients involved.

Office Flexibility

By using our glass accordion walls, your workplace can become more flexible. Sections of each room can be singled off for particular events or meetings, without creating hassle within the workplace environment. This enables productivity to be maintained at a consistent level, without being disturbed by internal activities.

These are just a few of the benefits that our Brighton glass partitions can have on your office. Contact us directly today on 01273 655038 to find out how our office partitions can benefit your business!




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