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Glass Balustrades are a fantastic feature to add to any home or business, adding a sense of both class and style to any building they are used in. We supply and install our glass balustrades in the area of Brighton for a range of different homes and companies. We provide a vast range of styles and sizes, as well as handrails and clamps that can be specially tailored to your personal preferences.

All of our glass balustrades, designed and made in Brighton, offer a range of professional and stylish appearances that help to attract and maintain attention from visitors to both your property and your business. They can be altered in terms of size and shape to better fit the overall design features of your home, as well as personalised with unique features and characteristics. Our highly-skilled team will make sure to make any adaptions that you request, no matter how major or minor. Using their precise craftsmanship, they can make these changes to your precise requirements, ensuring that even the finest details are taken into consideration.

Benefits Of Glass Balustrades


Increased Natural Lighting

Whether you would like to install our glass balustrades in your home or at your business, you will receive the benefits of natural light. Natural light has been scientifically proven to enhance the quality of sleep that you get within your home, allowing you to feel well rested and more prepared for the day ahead. Additionally, naturally light can have outstanding affects in the work environment. It has been proven to increase employee productivity, as well as reduce workplace stress. This helps to enhance a positive workplace environment, while improving the productivity of your business.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Another benefit of our glass balustrades is the increase aesthetics of the room or staircase in which you install them. Our glass balustrades allow for a professional look and can be customised to fit in with the features of your home or business. They can also be uniquely tailored in terms of the designs and colours that are used, allowing for a complete professional look. This will impress any guests visiting your home, as well as draw the attention of clients for your business.

Durable Glass

All of our balustrades make use of high-quality durable glass, allowing them to take pressure from knocks and bumps that can occur. This helps to ensure that your home or business is completely safe, knowing that the glass will not take damage even if it is knocked.

Simple Maintenance

Unlike many other options, our glass balustrades are simple and easy to maintain. They can simply we wiped down using a cloth to remove any stains from fingerprints or other mess. They are specially designed so that such stains and mess is simply wiped away. This reduces the time you have to spend keeping them clean, as well as reduced the overall hassle of the cleaning process itself.

With each of our glass balustrades being customised to your personal preferences, each will come at its own unique price. In order to determine this price, you can call us directly via our number: 01273 655038. One of our expert team will be on hand to provide you with advice regarding our services, as well as a quote for your balustrades.

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