Architectural Glazing

Architectural Glazing

Architectural Glazing makes use of glass facades to form a ‘glazed’ look on various elements of a building. It is used on sites all around the world, from the Gherkin in London to the Louvre pyramid in France. It creates a professional yet classy look and can be skilfully customised to meet your precise requirements.

The use of architectural glazing allows for natural light to easily enter the building that it is used on. This creates beauty within the interior of the home it is used on, with natural light reflecting off of the furniture and flooring. This can be used to make rooms appear larger, as well as more professional in the way that they look.

At Brightonglassco, our team use professional craftsmanship alongside a wealth of experience to provide our client with a range of high-quality architectural glazing solutions. While architectural glazing is seen on famous buildings, it is a growing trend among homeowners. Our experts make use of slim aluminium frames, used alongside high-quality glass panes to create only the best-looking architectural glazing in Brighton.

Benefits of Architectural Glazing

Better Quality Sleep

One major benefit of architectural glazing is that it significantly increases the quality of your sleep. With many modern houses a lot of sunlight is blocked out of your home, reducing the overall quality of sleep that you get, due to the constant use of unnatural lights. With our architectural glazing, you will have significantly more sunlight within your home, which helps to reset your body clock. As a result, your body provides you with deeper sleep at night, which can have many benefits on your daily lifestyle.

Decreased Drowsiness

The increase of natural sunlight within your home, also results in decreased drowsiness. In the morning when you wake up, natural light will wake your body up, significantly reducing that tired feeling you get in the morning. Eventually you’ll be springing out of bed looking forward to the day ahead.

Aesthetic Appeal

Our architectural glazing will also look amazing within the region of Brighton. With Brighton being a seaside city, you will get the most beautiful views all from the comfort of your own home. you will have the opportunity to see the stars at night, as well as help your house stand out from others. Locals will look at your home with envy, wishing they could have such a pristine design.


If you would like to begin your journey into using architectural glazing on your home then we can help you get started. Contact us on our contact number: 01273 655038. One of our expert team will be on hand to begin an inquiry into how we can begin the work for you. This will start with an initial consultation, in which one of our team will come to your home in order to assess its current condition. We will then directly work with you, analysing where we can install your glazing to make it the most effective, whilst also looking amazing in your home. Contact Us today and find out how we can design your home.


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