5 reasons why Glass Splashbacks is the perfect idea

Easy upkeep

A great thing about glass splashbacks is that they are really simple and easy to look after they can be cleaned with the simple following steps;

  • purchase a good glass cleaner and spray onto the surface leaving for a few minutes
  • next grab a cloth clean and slightly damp and wipe the surface to remove all marks and stains, in grab a dry paper towel and finish drying the surface
  • For a superior shiny and gleaming finish use a very, very soft cloth to Bath the glass service


Glass Splashbacks are known to collect dust alongside fingerprints that regular kitchen use will bring this is why regular cleaning is required but it is so easily done using the right materials


Splashbacks are safe


It is good to know that in the very highly unlikely events that your Glass Splashback may break if it does the glass is specifically designed to fracture into to lots of small pieces with the edges being blunt this will obviously prevent very sharp edges of glass broken and Scattered across your work surface and Floors all of our Glass Splashbacks are made using safety glass meaning they meet the British safety standards


Plenty of Choice


When it comes to choosing the Glass Splashback for your kitchen or work area there is literally hundreds of choices in terms of style, colour and finish. There is a large range of metallic colours which you can choose with either a Matt or Gloss finish when choosing a Kitchen Splashback. Obviously colour is important for this kitchen feature and whatever you choose must match with the look and feel of your kitchen.


Clean and Hygienic


It’s important to know that Kitchen Splashbacks on non-porous this means they are ultimately hygienic unlike other kitchen surfaces, obviously this means they require no grouting like tiles which will attract plenty of jams dirt and grime. The glass is naturally impervious so things like water, bacteria and grease. The fact it is a flat surface with no gaps means it’s very easy to clean and will not attract dirt. Brighton Glass and Glazing Splashbacks offer and exquisite practical and hygienic finish to your kitchen


Ultra-strong toughened glass


In your kitchen safety is important and it’s good to know that all Glass Splashbacks are made of toughened glass which are among the most resilient and durable within the market place.


As part of the toughening procedure all glass is heated at amazingly high temperatures of around 600 degrees these are done within a furnace at the end of this procedure the red hot glass will be cooled quickly by receiving a cold air blast over a few seconds


In comparison to standard glass you will find that toughened Glass Splashbacks are over 6 times the strength and therefore are ultra strong ,safe and resilient being able to deal with sudden temperature changes

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