What are Glass Splashbacks and why are they so popular?

Glass splashbacks – a trendy yet hygienic way to make your kitchen look unique and aesthetic. As the name suggests, a glass splashback is a panel (of varying thickness) that covers your walls and protects it from all kinds of splashes.

Usually manufactured with low-iron glass or float glass, kitchen splashbacks are made from toughened materials to meet safety standards. Not only are glass splashbacks hygienic but are also heat and scratch-resistant (which make them long-lasting), and are easy to maintain.

Moreover, kitchen splashbacks come with several colors, texture, and design options so that you have complete control over what and how you want your kitchen splashbacks to look like. Not only will your customized glass splashback look great but will also add a pop of color to your kitchen!

Why are Glass Splashbacks so popular?

Glass splashbacks, especially kitchen splashbacks have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to many benefits and features that come with splashbacks, such as:

Easy Installation – The installation process of glass splashbacks are although a little time consuming but is effortless and simple.

Affordable – At Brighton Glass and Glazing Co, we provide you with the most affordable and budget-friendly prices. You can get a free quote for glass splashbacks and installation. Log on and get a free quote today!

Easy maintenance – The glass panels provide a protective layer over your walls so whatever splashes you get (water, food, grease, dirt, etc.) can easily be cleaned with a wipe and a few drops of cleaning agent (cleaning agent not necessary).

Numerous choices – Unlike many interior options, with glass splashbacks, you have an unlimited choice regarding its color, texture, design, etc. You could get standard colors or metallic, a frosted finish or a gloss finish, a design of your choice or a picture printed on the glass, you could get a smooth textured kitchen splashback or a rough-textured one. The possibilities are endless!

Safe – Unlike glass, if a glass splashback were to break (although breaking a splashback is not easy) it would break in a thousand micro-pieces. These pieces are not sharp so you will not have to worry about little pieces of glass all over your kitchen.

Hygienic – Because these glass panels are not porous there is little to no chance of any mold being accumulated. Moreover, because cleaning is so easy you will have almost on germs on your walls.

Durable – When working in the kitchen a splatter is sometimes inevitable. These splatters cause your walls to be stained permanently. However, with a kitchen splashback, you will not have this problem. Glass splashbacks make your walls more durable because you won’t have to paint them time and time again to hide the stains.

Heat-resistant – Because the glass splashbacks are toughened before they are used, it makes them extremely resistant to heat. The process involves heating the glass in a furnace where temperatures can go above 600 degrees. After heating the glass it is instantly cooled with a blast of cold air which lasts for a few seconds. This makes the glass splashbacks very tough and able to withstand hot temperatures in the kitchen.

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